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From support groups to social groups and events, we try to offer something for everyone.

How will you express yourself?

Groups at Express

A therapist led space for autistic children and young people to express, connect and be themselves. Small groups and 1:1s

Charges apply

Image by Lingchor

A small structured Parent/Carer & Child group for autistic preschoolers

Charges apply

Film Set

Club for autistic young adults 16-25 interested in theatre and films. Whether it's in front of the camera, scriptwriting, directing or behind the scenes.

Charges apply

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A therapist led weekly meet up opportunity for autistic girls to be supported to express, connect and be themselves.


Charges apply

Siblings Web Image.webp

A therapist led group where children who have a sibling with additional needs can come together and make new friends

Charges apply

Monopoly Board

Clubs for ages 16-19 & 19-25 run fortnightly on Saturdays. User led rather than therapy, facilitated to support socialising & making friends.

 Charges apply

Image by Aedrian

A therapist led supportive and inclusive group for autistic teens to express, connect and be themselves. 

Charges apply

Theater Lights

Our drama club is a supportive environment to build confidence, social skills and most importantly have fun!

Charges apply

Support at Express

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Mums' Group

An informal, mutual support group for Mums, Grandmas and female carers 


Parent Support

An informal group for all parents and carers of autistic people 

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Dads' Group

An informal, mutual support group for Dads, Granddads and male carers 

Balancing Rocks

A counselling service for parents and carers of children with additional needs

Charges apply

Holding Hands

PDA Support Group

A group for parents/carers of young people with PDA - Pathological Demand Avoidance


A specialist counselling service for autistic people aged 16+ 

Charges apply

Support at Express
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