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Laughing Boy - The Play

Updated: May 8

I first got to know Connor through Sara’s blog, My Daft Life. I loved reading about him, he sounded such a wonderful character and was one cool dude.

I was devastated when I read he had died in what were clearly preventable circumstances. I was devastated for Connor being so let down by the system. For Sara and all his family and friends. For all the dudes and everyone who loves them.


I was very familiar with the journey and campaign for justice and as an organisation we have followed and shared as much as we can.

When I became aware of the play, I was at first, reluctant to go and see it. I knew it would be amazing and full of love but I wasn’t sure I could face such raw emotion in such an intimate way. I thought it would be too much and too close to home.

My dude is my older brother Darren. He is autistic, epileptic and has severe learning disabilities. He is also magical, funny and an absolute charmer! He lives his best life in a small home with 24hr care, and the most wonderful staff. He enjoys regular visits, trips to the pub, relaxed sessions to the cinema and theatre, music sessions and holidays to the seaside. We are lucky. Many are not.

I am so glad I did go. I knew there would be magic, rage, love, laughter and tears.

Oh my, there was all of the above and a standing ovation. An incredible cast telling such an important story. You could see in the audience the people who ‘know’ and those who now hopefully do.

As Sara said ‘I want people to leave the theatre and think: ‘Bloody hell, that boy mattered. And these people matter.’” and so do we.

We know Stephen Unwin from his time at the Rose Theatre, Kingston. He was so supportive of us when we had just started Express CIC and he would talk to us about his  son, Joey. Joey with his beautiful infectious smile. 

We knew Stephen would do Laughing Boy (and all the dudes justice) in telling the story and showing what an extraordinary family had to endure. 

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