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Short Story 4: Finding Friends Like Me

I have been at big school for three months now and I still do not have any friends. I sometimes sit with my sister Jen and her friends at break times, or I sit in the library on my own. I like the library because its quiet but sometimes the other kids put books in my bags to be mean and the alarm goes off which scares me….the librarian knows I wouldn’t put books in my bags without taking the books out first but the noise hurts me and I don’t like the thought of maybe getting into trouble. There aren’t any beanbags in the library which is upsetting as I miss the beanbag at my old school a lot but there is a big sofa which is quite comfy.

Two weeks ago, as I was eating dinner with mummy, daddy, Jen and nanny and grandad mummy said that she found a club not far from our house which is for other children with autism, and they meet two Saturdays a month in the afternoon and do activities together. I told her I wanted friends, but I was scared to go to somewhere new and talk to new people. Mummy said that I don’t have to talk to anyone until I feel ready, I said okay to going if mummy stayed with me for the first day…mummy helped me fill out the about me form - I put I really like science, dinosaurs, videogames and board games and I don’t like spicy food, eye contact, loud noises, bright lights, people touching me and talking about things that I do not like. I want friends to talk about things that we both like.

My first day at the club was last Saturday. I was shown around the club with mummy by a lady who was very nice to me, and she introduced me to five of the other children with autism like me. Two were older than me and three were younger than me. Mummy told me she was going to have a cup of tea in the kitchen and let me get on with some of the activities but told me I could come to her if I needed her. I noticed straight away there was a TV and a games console - it wasn’t a PlayStation 5 but a PlayStation 4. I looked at the games and I put one of them in - Crash Bandicoot which I have not played in a long time.  Halfway through playing the game one of the older boys, Muhammed started asking me questions about the game and other games that I like. Muhammed helped me with one of the levels then I let him carry on with the game.

I went into the kitchen to have a milkshake with mummy and said that I wanted to go home as I was feeling tired. I said to the lady that I wanted to come back in two weeks to play more games with Muhammed and she said she would be very happy to see me again. I shouted goodbye to Muhammed then me and mummy drove home. I told daddy and Jen at dinner that I found someone else like me that likes videogames, and I am going to be seeing him again soon, they both said they are happy for me then Jen said she will be happy to have the house mostly to herself some Saturday afternoons.

Next week is the next club meeting and I have been playing lots of Crash Bandicoot to show Muhammed that I am levelling up quickly.


By Alexandra Farnese

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