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Short Story 6: Shoe Shop

At school whilst I was playing P.E the front top of my left shoe fell off. I hate P.E so much…I always fall over and hurt myself and the other kids always make fun of me but I am forced to do it as it keeps me healthy mummy says.  During break time I messaged mummy to tell her what happened so she said she would pick me up from school when school finishes and she would take me to the shoe shop that afternoon as I do not have any spare shoes at home.

As me and mummy walked into the shoe store I noticed it was very busy which made me scared. Mummy said it’s probably busy as there is a sale on.  Mummy put on my ear…something and told me to squeeze my fidget ball before we walked in. Straight away I could smell leather, the smell was very disgusting so I had to walk outside for air. Mummy said she would look at the shoes and pick which ones I could try on and message me come back inside when she found some pairs. Mummy knows that I get very scared trying on clothes in front of strangers so she asked the lady who worked there if I could try on the shoes in the back room. The lady agreed and asked another lady who worked there to stay in the back room with us for a few minutes.

Me, mummy and the lady carried the shoes into the back room and we both sat down on the chairs. The lady was putting boxes of shoes on the shelves and humming to herself. Mummy helped me put on the first pair of shoes. Mummy knows not to get me shoes with laces as I cannot tie a knot yet and they are easier for me to put on. As soon as I put them on I started to get nervous and feel weird, I took them off as quickly as I could and threw them across the floor. The lady looked at me and told me not to throw shoes again or we will have to leave the store. Mummy said sorry to the lady and told me to say sorry too. Mummy told me not to throw shoes again and asked if they were too tight and I said yes. Mummy said hopefully the others shoes won’t be tight as they are a different brand. I got nervous and scared of the thought of wearing a new brand of shoe as I’ve worn only one brand for most of my life. Mummy reassured me that this new brand is very similar to the other brand and I will not even notice the difference. Mummy hugged me and told me I can do it so I said okay and put on the second pair of shoes on and whispered to mummy to tell the lady not to look at me as I walked up and down. Mummy told the lady nicely not to stare at me and she agreed and carried on putting boxes of shoes on the shelves. I walked up and down the room and told mummy they felt okay. Mummy asked if they would be okay to do P.E in and I said I thought so.

As mummy went to the till and paid for the shoes I stood outside and listened to my music and played a game on my phone as there was a long queue and mummy was inside for a while. I hate the smell of leather and I couldn’t wait to stand outside again. I really do not like going to the shoe shop but I know I needed new shoes straight away and being away from all those people helped as I really, really, really get scared of strangers looking at me trying on clothes. I get changed and dressed in a different room for P.E so my classmates don’t stare at me.


After mummy and I left the shoe shop we went to get an ice cream afterwards. When me and mummy got home I showed daddy, Jen and nanny and grandad my new shoes, they said they look great and are proud of me for wearing a new brand. I told them I cannot notice the difference and reminded them how much I hate the smell of leather but I still stayed in the shop anyway and they said they are proud of me a second time. Daddy said they will celebrate my achievements by ordering fish and chips for dinner and playing Monopoly after dinner which made me very happy.


By Alexandra Farnese

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