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Short Story 1: My First Day of the Summer Holidays

Today is the first day of the summer holidays. I have six weeks off school and start a new school in September.

My big sister, Jen left the house this morning to spend the week with her boyfriend and slammed the door, I do not it when she does that. Mummy and daddy have told her to stop slamming doors but she does not listen. It hurts and it upsets me but she does not care about me but mummy and daddy say she does.

I could not sleep last night. I have not slept for weeks. It is too hot. I feel like I am burning. Mummy helps me have a shower two or three times a day when it is hot. It helps but I can only have a shower at home. I do not like going to school or seeing nanny and grandad when it is hot.

I do not like the summer because the sun is very bright and it hurts my eyes. Mummy gets up before me to close the blinds before I am awake and have the fans on in every room.

After my shower this morning mummy made me my breakfast- Nutella on toast. Mummy says I cannot have it every day though because it has a lot of sugar and too much can make my teeth fall out. I do not want that.

My house is near a park. I could hear children in my class laugh and play. I do not have any friends to play with and it upsets me sometimes. Mummy could see I was sad and played snakes and ladders with me until it was lunchtime. The laughing and talking got too loud though and I needed mummy to get my ear defen…something and put them on me. She also put on a song I really like on more than one time then the loud laughing and talking stopped.

I watched a film I like in the afternoon. I got tired when the film was on and I fell asleep. Mummy woke me up and told me nanny and grandad came over to see me. Mummy did not tell me nanny and grandad were coming over today. I got very upset and cried a lot. Mummy said she was sorry. Nanny told me they missed me and wanted to see me- they bought me over a magazine which I read a lot of times today. Nanny always brings me something when she sees me.

When Daddy came home from work he told me he wants to play snake and ladders with me tomorrow. I wish I had a friend to play with but I do like playing with daddy and I always win when I play with him.

Jen called me after my night shower. She said her and her boyfriend had Nutella on toast after their dinner and it made them think of me. Jen has never spoken to me on the phone before. It made me happy.


By Alexandra Farnese

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