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Short Story 2: New School

Tomorrow is my first day at a new school and I am scared. I like my teacher at my old school- Miss

Perkins. Miss Perkins is always nice to me and I always get very good grades- science is my best

lesson and I really liked learning about plants and flowers with her. Miss Perkins told me the new

school I will be going to has nice teachers too and I will still have a lot of science lessons. I do not

want to go to a new school though. I will have a lot of teachers and that is scary. My new school will

be very big and my old school is small.

I like my school and I like my classroom- I like reading on the bean bag in the corner, I like watching a

film on Fridays, I like playing with Lego with my helper, Miss More…something.

Mummy said to help me not feel scared as much that she will stay with me until lunchtime tomorrow. I wish she could be with me all day but mummy needs to go to work. Mummy says that Jen will spend our break times and lunch times with each other until I am feeling less scared. I don’t think I will have any friends at my new school, there are too many people. Mummy says more people is a good thing and I will meet and speak to people who like the things I like.

When the summer holidays started I got a letter. The letter had photos of my new teachers and they all said Miss Perkins told them I was very smart and they are excited to meet me. I also got a timetable…the timetable looks scary…it tells me when and where I have my lessons. I get very upset when I look at it. Mummy said my helpers will take me to my classes. Mummy gave me my first phone last week and showed me how to use it- she says I can call or message her if I need her, daddy or nanny or grandad. Mummy said Jen can be called but not when she is in class. Jen will come home with me every day or nanny or grandad will take me home if Jen has later classes.

Mummy has put all of my things in my bag for tomorrow….my snacks, my pens and paper, my ear

defen…something, my toys that help me not feel so scared like my ball that I squeeze and my button

toy that clicks when I press it.

My mummy and daddy said they are proud of me for going to my new school tomorrow. I have to be

up very early. I am in bed extra early tonight.


By Alexandra Farnese

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