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Short Story 5: Hospital Visit

I woke up last week with a lot of pain in my right ear. I was screaming and crying for mummy to come into my room. Mummy ran in, concerned and worried and asked me what was wrong. I told her my right ear was hurting me a lot. Mummy looked at her watch - it was 6:45am but the doctor’s don’t open until 8am. Mummy gave me some medicine to help with the pain and said she would ring at 8am for an emergency appointment.

I was in so much pain, I couldn’t eat my Nutella on toast for breakfast or focus on anything - I couldn’t play a game or watch TV - the pain was too much.

At 8:10am mummy came into my bedroom and said we had an appointment at 9:30. I was in so much pain that mummy had to help dress me and I couldn’t brush my teeth as it hurt opening my mouth.

As we arrived at the doctor’s it was very busy with a lot of little children screaming and crying. Mummy told me to wait outside as she told the lady at the desk we were here. The lady at the desk know me and mummy and she knows I do not like to sit inside when she’s busy. The doctors know to meet me and mummy outside when it is time to see me. When I have normal appointments the lady books me and mummy in during quiet times of the time but today I needed to be seen by the doctor quickly.


The doctor came outside to meet me and mummy. To avoid walking through the waiting area the doctor took me to a small room at the back of the building. The doctor said to mummy that the room is new and has been added to the surgery specifically for their neuro….something patients. Mummy smiled and said she is pleased to know there is a room for people like me.


The small room was quiet with dimmed lights which was nice. I looked to my right and there was a small table and chairs with a box of toys and there was books, paper and colouring pencils and pens.


The doctor asked me and mummy what was wrong and mummy told her that my right ear was hurting a lot. The doctor told me that she needed to look inside my ears - I squeezed my fidget ball with my right hand and held mummy’s hand with my left hand. The doctor looked inside both my ears with her doctor object which has a small light attached to it. The doctor nodded and said to me and mummy that it’s an ear infection and my right ear is red and im…something. Mummy said to the doctor that I get ear infections a lot. The doctor said that ear infections are quite common for some people with autism which mummy didn’t know. The doctor said that as I get ear infections a lot that she will give me a medicine that will cure me in about a week. The doctor also said to mummy that doctors don’t usually give out anti...something straight away for children with ear infections.

The doctor asked mummy if I am off school a lot with ear infections. Mummy said I have to have a few days off with them about every two or three months. The doctor said that I may need to go to the hospital in the future to see a doctor that knows a lot about ear infections and can help me. As me and mummy were about to leave, the doctor said that I did a good job coming into the doctor’s surgery, she showed me a sheet with lots of different stickers on them - she told me I can pick whichever ones I like so I picked the dinosaur stickers. Me and mummy thanked the doctor and then went home.

After three or four days of taking the anti…something I started to feel better and I went back to school. My teachers said that they missed me and I got to sit with Jen and her friends sometimes at break times which I missed. I stuck my dinosaur stickers to my science exercise book which my science teacher noticed and he gave me a thumbs up when he saw it.


By Alexandra Farnese

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